Graphic Design – Pen, Marker, Text, & Graphics


Graphic Design I


Date:8/06 – 8/10, 8/20 – 8/24


Graphic Design II


Date:8/13 – 8/17





Graphic Design I – Before there were computers artists used pen and guache (a watercolor material) to create images for print. These artists still relied on the elements and principles of art, but also incorporated type and logos into the mix. In this course students will learn sophisticated pen, marker, and layout work necessary for the illustration and design field. The course will culminate with exploration of digital manipulation of art works.

Graphic Design II – Graphic Design II campers will work like graphic designers and refine previously established drawing and art making skills. And through the use of artistic design software campers will focus on commercial design and digital illustration. Also, they learn the nuances of typography, a major component of graphic design, and layout, how the images and text are compiled together. Students will walk away with creative graphic hard copy works and digital files.


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