Chinese Creative Arts Adv (Immersion) (HoCo)


Age Requirement: 7-11

Location: 9033 Red Branch Rd, Columbia, MD 21045

Available Weeks:

 Week 6 (07/20-07/24)


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This is a theme-based, age appropriate, Chinese immersion camp that utilizes artistic and cultural arts to celebrate Chinese culture. Art forms will include chinese painting and brushwork, basic calligraphy, paper cutting, lantern construction, kite making, Chinese knots, Opera Facial Design etc. In addition to the artworks, campers will pratice in the communicative immersion settings on related topics, including both daily topics and in-depth on topics such as Chinese economics, business in China, nature and environment, Science, the Sino-us relationship, School and Community Life, study abroad, etc. All activities and topics are designed and structured to fit into the age-appropriate developmental level and language proficiency level of the campers.


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