DIY Maker Lab Adv – Sewing, Woody etc & Interior Design


Age Requirement: 10+

Available Weeks:

Week 3 (06/29 – 07/03) Week 6 (07/20 – 07/24) Week 9 (08/10 – 08/14)


Products that will be added:


Artists will learn about perspective and Architectural Drawing and Design methods. Scholars interested in pursuing a career in the Architecture will be provided instruction on the traditional tools for working in the industry.. Students will review each others work in class and learn how to implement feedback. Industrial Art Portfolio is an intermediate art course for students with enlighten art course experience. Students will have a presentation day to present their portfolio, and present promotional materials they have develops to represent their work. This course prepares students for high school and college-level art department reviews.

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Week 3 (06/29 – 07/03), Week 6 (07/20 – 07/24), Week 9 (08/10 – 08/14)