Virtual Online Enlighten Art Literacy Integration Grade 2/3


Friday, 4:35pm-6:05pm

Age: 7-9yr


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Enlighten Art Literacy Courses

Enlighten Art Center at The Cathay School is an international art standards certified art education program. The program includes these international standards and independently developed children’s art courses for the physical and psychological growth of children ages 3 to 12 years. Through creative instruction practices, nurturing guidance, and independent work experiences, children’s interest in and understanding of the arts and aesthetics will be stimulated and enhanced.

Enlight Art Teaching Methods

Enlighten Art Instructors are creative educational professionals who have adopted problem-solving project-based instructional methods. Instructors propose open questions to guide thinking and help foster problem solving from a variety of directions to shape four major artistic capabilities: observation, aesthetics, creativity, and independent thinking.


Art Literacy Integration – Grade 2/3

Expand your child’s mind and expression of skills. From a state of graffiti and casual painting to a professional stage of artistic learning, children will create freely and daringly like masters. Children’s ability to observe, understand and express ideas is fostered through training in graphic association, masterpiece analysis, project extensions, and access to a variety of materials. Projects are comprehensive and cover mastery of aesthetic law, understanding of attributes of color, identifying characteristics of color psychology, and basic ability to develop and model space.


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