Kids Musical Theater Jr.


Age Requirement: 8-10

Available Weeks: Week 1&2 (06/17 – 06/28), Week 4&5 (07/08 – 07/19), Week 6&7 (07/22 – 08/02), Week 8&9 (08/05 – 08/16), Week 10&11 (08/19 – 08/30)



This is a two-week camp, tuition and material fee are for two weeks. Registration is not available for only one week’s choice.

Experience musical theater in a fun, full-day, two-week camp for 3rd through 5th graders! Your child will work alongside accomplished greater Washington area professional artists during daily rehearsals in dancing, singing, and acting. With props and costumes, singing and scene-work, your child’s experience will culminate in a performance of a full-scale, youth-appropriate main stage show for friends and family! Here are the show descriptions by session:

SESSION 1:  06/17 – 06/28 –  “Wacky Kingdoms”   –
The King Is In Double Trouble
A medieval court is turned upside down when a mathematically-challenged king is too proud to admit his problem with math problems and winds up in a chessboard wager with a wise man, which may wind up bankrupting the kingdom!
The Emperor’s New Clothes  
The Emperor of Dorchester is so busy worrying about jewelry and clothes that the kingdom is falling apart. Two con men show up one day and convince the Emperor that they can sew a suit of clothing from material so fine; only the very wise can see it. Not wanting to seem unwise, everyone pretends to see the Emperor’s new clothes, which in reality do not exist at all. In the end, the Emperor learns a valuable lesson about responsibility and humility.
SESSION 2:  07/08 – 07/19 – “Broadway Bound” –

Broadway In ReVue – Jr & Adv
Travel the Great White Way through the decades and perform scenes and songs from some of Broadway’s most popular shows such as “Guys and Dolls,” “The King and I,” “Mama Mia,” “The Wiz,” “Oliver,”  “Beauty and the Beast,”  “The Wiz.” “A Chorus Line,” and more!
SESSION 3:  07/22 – 08/02 –  “Nonsensical” –

Sing For Your Supper
When Lucy loses her job selling flowers, she must find a way to support herself and her elderly mother.
Oh My Word
In a silly play on words, hero Horatio saves heroine Lotta Fingers from marriage to greedy banker, Basil Bounder.
SESSION 4:  08/05 – 08/16 – “ Fractured Tales” –
World’s Best Fables
This camp explores a musical collection of moral stories such as The Country Mouse and The City Mouse, Stone Soup, The Ugly Duckling, and more!
Romayo and Julie
Romayo and Julie is a comedic twist on Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet. Two teams of 7th and 8th grade students at Verona Middle School compete to win an intense hall decorating contest. The trouble is, the teams hate each other and they can‘t seem to stop fighting with one another. When two lovesick students, Romayo and Julie, get caught in the middle of things, it‘s going to take drastic measures to put an end to the war.

SESSION 5:  08/19 – 08/30 – “How The West Was Won” – (Back By Popular Demand)
Bubba the Cowboy Prince 
In this westernized version of Cinderella, Bubba is bossed around by his step-daddy and step-siblings, until Miz Lurleen, “the purtiest rancher in the west,” rescues him and makes him her cowboy prince.
How the West Was Sung    
The people of Lyrica, Texas, are terrorized by Lousy Lou and her dastardly gang until a singing cowboy, Sheriff Jeremiah Johnson, cleans up the town by challenging Lou to a singing duel.


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