Pre-K S.T.E.A.M: Art


Age Requirement: 3-5

Available Weeks:

Week 1 (06/17 – 06/21)  Week 6 (07/22 – 07/26) Week 11 (08/26 – 08/30)



Art: Visual Arts

Week 1 (06/17 – 06/21)

Our art camp inspires our campers to be creative thinkers! Campers will learn how to incorporate different illustration techniques and manage their use of primary colors to create several masterpieces that will be able to take home!

Art: Theater

Week 6 (07/22 – 07/26)

Week 11 (08/26 – 08/30)

Our theater camp is designed to build confidence in our little campers. Naturally, campers of this age have huge imaginations and our goal is incorporate singing, dancing, and acting to inspire excitement within your Superstar!




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