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Where There is Art, There is Possibility

According to, “High arts involvement equals higher scores on achievement tests.” It has been documented that students involved in art performed better than students with low arts involvement on standardized tests in other subjects. In addition, students with a high interest in art watched less television, were more involved in their community, and were found to be less bored in class. In older children, high school students in art classes perform better on the SAT; in fact, the more art classes they take, the higher their score.

Now some of you may be wondering, “Why art? Why all of this pomp-and-circumstance and fuss over art?” Well, I’ll tell you why.

Art doesn’t just encourage students to think outside of the box.  Art creates new boxes and then tells students to think outside of those. Art challenges children to be fearless, restless and visionary.

“Where there is art, there is possibility.” 

Where there is art, there is diversity and inclusiveness. Where there is art, there is a future for those who otherwise might not see one within the four walls of a traditional classroom.  Art opens doors, but it also opens hearts and minds.  It engages.  It enlivens.  It invites. It energizes. As importantly, art cultivates our youth as critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, better students and more productive global citizens. So, while you may ask, “Why art?”, I say, “Why not art?” Perhaps, world renowned art educator Olivia Gude said it best. Gude said that arts education gives a democratic people “the freedom to experience fully, reflect freely and represent without fear.”

At Washington Cathay Future Center or WCFC, we are constantly seeking ways for our students to share their many passions and pursuits with the world. In fact, as the most premier, K-8 educational program in Montgomery County, we are firmly dedicated to the arts, academic and cultural enrichment of our children.

Here are a variety of visual arts classes to consider.